Gread pustand is in Sultan Marshes again..


    When we were child we used to see tourists coming to our village between April and November. A German tour agency used to come to our village and set up a camp. Seeing this gave us an idea, we thought we can make a living by providing services to these visitors. Our first investment was a coffee shop. Which we opened on 1986. Then we opened Sultan Guest House on 1992.

    Between 1986 and 2000 variety of birds and wildlife was very rich, but a dam has opened on 2000. Opening of this dam and careless farming brought,  drought for the next ten years to Sultan Marshes.

    As Sultanbirding team we passed trough these years with great difficulties. We had to make the best with whatever is left to us.

    Since 2009 with opening of Gıcık Tunnel And good weather Sultan Marshes turned back to its glory. Our visitors beginned to increase. Scientist, TV crews and most important bird lovers came back to this wonderfull wetland.

    As Sultanbirding team we are greatfull to show you this important and beautiful place..

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